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New artworks

New Sculptures 2017


"Alchemy of art"

The arc of the lost morale



Alfred Gockel made an installation in the St.- Thomä church in the city of Soest ( Germany), an installation as memorial for the loss of morale. This project combines a cortensteel boat ( 90 feet long ) and a huge triptychon (10 x15 feet).

The painting describes human violence, starting with the crusades and ending in the present, showing people who have been victims of persecution and violence and the perpetrators. To give human violence a face, the artist added portraits of Stalin,

Hitler and Pol Pot.

To describe the dwindling morale, he paints a famous foto of the vietnam war, a glacier for the global warming, as example for corruption of banks and companies he adds Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen etc., and even the pedophile priest of the catholic church is included.

Life jackets with words of morale are leaving the ship, joining together with 300 year old oak posts which are decorated as slaves, the justice, the jew and the boat people ect.

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